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Discover the Inside Info Successful Indie Producers Are Using to Finance & Sell Their Films Without Selling Out...  

So you want to make a movie…  

You know you need a great script and a great cast & crew. You know you need to get financing, shoot your film, and then sell it. Seems clear enough.  

In your mind, you envision the next step - the film festival accolades. The money starts rolling in. You can finally quit your day job or pay your bills with ease. You get notoriety. More projects start flooding in. You’ve arrived.  

But what about everything in between?  

Too many times I’ve seen filmmakers rush through or completely disregard the development process. 

The dream is so potent that they have their eye on the prize and they fail to be present in the less exciting parts of the process.  

They skim over the details, rushing towards that finish line filled with flashing lights and all eyes on them as they walk down the red carpet, finally getting that recognition for their talent.

Talent is great! We need talented people in Hollywood sharing meaningful & entertaining stories. But Talent is only half of the requirement.  

The part people often overlook is the business side. 

I know you’ve got the talent side down. 

You’re creative. You went to Film School or have been involved in some aspect of filmmaking for years. You have a clear creative vision. But how well do you know the business?  

Sure you’ve gone to film festivals, you’ve done your research. 

You know there are certain things you need to do to get your film financed and distributed. For example, attaching talent that will help you sell your film globally… 

But does your knowledge end there?  

The reality is, casting the wrong star can actually STOP your film from getting distributed. Or casting the right star at the wrong time or not utilizing a star correctly can hurt you. 

There are dozens of little insights like this that can help or harm you in distribution.  

And let’s be frank, many of these things that can hinder your film getting set in place in the development phase.  

Many filmmakers coast through development, racing towards production, which is understandable. Production is the fun part of the process, the creative part. Development seems important but Production seems way more important.  

I’m here to tell you that if you don’t get it right in Development, NOTHING you do in Production or Post Production will fix it. 

And since you’re dealing with potentially hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars entrusted to you by investors, don’t you want to make sure your film is set up so securely that you have the best shot of recouping and making money?  

Your current film is your calling card. It’s what will create the momentum to get future projects made. 

If your investors don’t make their money back on your current film or first film, how much confidence will that give future investors?

On the other hand, investors who have profited from your work, are very likely to invest again and again. More movies & more money.  

I was like you. I went to one of the top Film Schools in the country. I started out working as an intern, then an assistant and then said screw it, I’m tired of waiting for someone to give me my shot. I’m gonna make my own films. 

I thought I knew it all. Little did I know, I knew very little.  

It’s very humbling to find out that many of the things you think are “of courses”, actually set you up for failure.  

It’s extremely frustrating to have a great film, step into a room with an international sales agent, only to be told how many things you screwed up, which means they won’t touch your film, or even worse, they won’t be able to sell it well. 

I’ve been there and I got tired of it. So I stepped to the other side. I became an international sales agent.  

Why is this relevant? Because now I’ve learned all those little finicky details that can help YOUR film be successful.  

You may not have heard of my movies and that's ok. 

I'm still making money. I have a career as a filmmaker. I don't have a day job. 

I'm successfully producing films that are being distributed worldwide and I'm getting paid for it.  

Until now, I've only shared this information with clients I've consulted with. They pay me THOUSANDS of dollars for my expertise. 

I recognize that not everyone has a film funded or can afford to hire me as a producing consultant to get funded. 

That's why I decided to offer this course. 

I want to make this information available to more people so filmmakers & aspiring filmmakers like you can get in the game too.  

We need your vision & your stories. 

Don't let yourself be stopped by the numerous details that can pull you off course from producing a successful film.  

There are far more opportunities now than ever to produce your film and make it a success.  

But, let’s face it, that also means a lot of options to consider in terms of distribution: International Distribution, Domestic Distribution, Video on Demand, Amazon, Netflix and more.  

It can be overwhelming, especially since each one has its own requirements.  

Don’t you want to set up yourself up in a way that will make your film eligible for them all?

That all starts in Development.  

This is why I’d like to introduce my NEW course:

This course outlines the EXACT FORMULA I use so you can successfully set YOUR film up for distribution by taking the RIGHT STEPS very early on in the process.

This is an intensive 4 week course. 

2 classes have been pre-recorded so you can watch them right away. The remaining 2 classes plus bonus class will be LIVE. 

This means, not only will I give you the information, I’ll also be able to answer your questions along the way.

If you are unable to attend live, no problem. We will be recording each session so you can watch at your convenience.  

You'll also have access forever. Anytime I do any updates to the course, you'll get all the new information right in your membership site.  

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Get...


Adjust Your Focus Toward Distribution

It's crucial to avoid mistakes by rushing this phase. We'll focus on how to adapt your script for optimal exposure to your target audience, where to start exploring distribution opportunities, and more. Get this step down and you'll be in a solid position for everything that follows. 


Attach Valuable Assets & Resources

This week, we'll dive into key players that will uplevel your film such as locations, actors, crew & equipment specifically chosen with an eye toward financing & distribution. We'll get into the infamous catch 22, scheduling & how you can discover resources you didn't know you had that can save you money! 


Build a Strong Plan to Recoup Money & Project Profits  

We'll get into the essential financial details you'll need to know - legal, budget, recoup, windfall - and how to lay out a detailed distribution plan so you can wow investors with a clear plan of how you are going to get back their money. This will prove to your investors you're in it to win it.


Get Funded

The most crucial stage of Development. Here's where your hard work will pay off. We'll compile all the pieces to building a killer pitch deck, discuss the strategy of where to find investors & how to entice them to come on board. The strong plan you've built will open doors & close deals.


I'll give you documents from my private collection (sample budgets, top sheet, production budget, distribution resources & more) so you can move forward with confidence knowing you are gathering the right information. I'll also be giving you targeted worksheets to help you find your film's peak potential for distribution.


Build Connections, Share Insights & Get Direct Feedback  

Networking is everything in this business & I'm all about helping you build yours. You never know where your next resource will come from. You'll also get direct access to me through Facebook Live Q&As & via targeted posts designed to enhance the course.

I’m giving you all of my BEST STUFF and REAL WORLD EXAMPLES, so you can feel confident that you’re setting your film up in the best possible way.  

By the end of this course, you'll have ALL the information you need so you can pitch your film to investors and be ready to go into pre-production FULLY prepared.  

Obviously each film is different, and has its own unique needs. 

  • We’ll cover exactly how to tailor the process to your film. 
  • How to break it down so you don’t need to get overwhelmed by all the things you need to do.  

  I’m not promising financing, but -

  • If you follow the guidelines I give you, you will be in the BEST position possible to pitch potential investors to get financing. 

Once you see the plan, you’ll be able to breathe a lot easier because you’ll know: 

  • EXACTLY what you need to do to make a film that will sell and... 
  • You'll feel CONFIDENT that you can actually accomplish what you’re pitching.  


Based on the information you’ll receive, you’ll be ahead of the curve. 

Many filmmakers won’t have this information. They may not even care to know it. They may think their creativity will be enough, but you’ll know better.  

You’ll be part of a small group of filmmakers who are bridging the gap between the creative and business. 

Even if you have no knowledge of business, I’ve made this so SIMPLE that you can do this.  

Try my Ins & Outs of Indie Film Development & Financing Course for an entire 60 days, 100% risk-free

I’m so sure that the knowledge I’m giving you will help you set your film up for distribution, that I’m giving you a money back guarantee.  

I can’t guarantee that your film will be a success. No one can.

What I'm giving you is the exact information, I, and others I've helped, have used to build a strong foundation that has yielded successful distribution.

But if I can't help you, I don't want your money.  

If the information I give you does not help you at all, if it doesn’t help you build a solid investor pitch, if it doesn’t help you find ways to prepare you for distribution at all - email me me. Prove you did the work from the course, tell me why it didn’t help, and I’ll give you your money back.  

This guarantee lasts 60 days. That's longer than the course and will give you more than enough time to put the information into practice. Go through the ENTIRE course. If you're not getting any benefit, email me within the 60 days, show me your work & I'll give you a full refund.

Anyone who has ever been involved in filmmaking, knows it takes longer than just 60 days to find financing & finish Development. You gotta be willing to put in the work and carve out your path to success and that takes time. 

But by the end of this course, you will ABSOLUTELY be able to create a solid pitch deck that will impress investors and set your film up for distribution.

I want to help producers who want to be a success. Who want to have LONGEVITY in this business. 

If that’s you, then this course is definitely for you.  

Be one of the FEW who rise to the top.  

No one wants to make a movie that no one sees & no one buys, but it happens far too often.  

You don’t need to be a domestic box office smash to be successful in this business. You need to be clever and informed in your planning and in your strategy & you can make a living as a producer and maybe even hit the big time. 

It all comes down to how you set up your project. 

Are you setting it up from a strategic perspective? Tailoring your film to your resources and goals for distribution? 

Or jumping in from an excited perspective that it will all just work out because it’s so good and people will be lining up to buy it?  

I truly hope your film is the latter, but do you want to put all your eggs in that one basket? Or set up your film from the start to give it it’s best shot? 

The Total value of this course is over $1000. 

Right now, I’m offering it for only $289. 

That’s a 71% discount. I will never be offering it at this price again.

If you feel like this could be exactly what you need to set your film up for success, sign up now.

4 Intense Weeks, 10 Modules, Worksheets & Templates, Private Facebook Group & You'll Get Access to Me Throughout the Course

Classes will be held on Thursdays at 6pm Pacific

2 classes have been pre-recorded & are ready for you to watch now.

Our next LIVE class will be Thursday, Oct 11th at 6pm Pacific

Get Started now - Risk Free!  

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“I took a production workshop with Marc, and I swear it was the best workshop I have ever taken. He’s so full of information and honesty. This workshop is more specific in the direction of creating your own opportunities.” - Rosie, Actress

“Marc Clebanoff is the real deal. You want honest perspective on your project with someone who knows the ins and outs of the distribution labyrinth? He’s your one stop shop. No rainbows and unicorns, just a straight shot at what to expect.” - Fernando, Director of the NOVA Film Festival

“If you are serious about getting your film made and released, Marc’s workshop is a must.” David, NYU

“This workshop gave me an idea of how it all works, the MUST DO’s, and things to avoid. For a beginner who has yet to even make my first film, this information was invaluable. This gave me the confidence and mindset to make a film, and make it with minimal resources.” - Francesco, USC

“This workshop was great! All the real life costs and situations any producer needs to know.” - Claire, UCLA

“Clebanoff draws from a wealth of real-world experience and gives you the information you wish you’d heard in film school.” - Harman, USC Graduate Film Program

“Marc’s insights into the biz were worth more than my film school tuition.” - Adam, USC

Let's be honest...  

You could probably get this information by attending DOZENS of film festivals and film markets and picking the brains of the right people. 

But exactly how many festivals would you need to go to? 

Film festivals & film markets are not cheap, and that's not even counting the travel expenses.

How long would it take to get all the information you need to know? And how much time and money would you have spent? 

Likely several thousand dollars and probably several years. 

And then how would you know you learned everything you needed to know? 

Do you really want to risk your movie’s chance at success because you didn’t learn everything you need to know?  

I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve learned first hand through trial and error. I know exactly what it takes to get a film sold. 

Follow my guidance and you’ll be in the best possible position. 

Not only will I be teaching you this valuable information it took me years to learn, I’ll be there to support you. I’ll be taking questions in the classes and in the Facebook group. 

You’ll have access to me & all of my experience at the low cost of $289.  

FYI - That's the cost to attend just ONE DAY of AFM. Only ONE Day.

By joining me in The Ins & Outs of Indie Film Distribution & Financing, you'll get access to me and my expertise LIVE for 4 weeks plus the Facebook group.

Make the decision. 

Are you going to join our Indie Film Lounge of filmmakers who bridge the creative & the business? Or are you going to do it your way?  

Don’t wait until you send out your finished film to start thinking about distribution. Get it set right at the beginning in development.  

If you’re one of us, make the commitment & join us.  

4 Intense Weeks, 10 Modules, Worksheets & Templates, Private Facebook Group & You'll Get Access to Me Throughout the Course

Classes will be held on Thursdays at 6pm Pacific  

2 classes have been pre-recorded & are ready for you to watch now.

Our next LIVE Class will be Thursday, Oct 11th at 6pm Pacific

Get Started now - Risk Free!  

Save $49

Get it now! I will never be offering it at this price again.  

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