Stop Waiting For Someone Else to Give You Your Shot

Learn How to Develop & Finance Your Film Like a Pro 

When I started out in filmmaking, I thought if I had a good idea people would want to support it getting made. I thought my passion and talent would be enough to get my foot in the door.  

The truth is, that was a pipe dream.

I saw pretty early on that Big Players in the Industry were having a tough time getting their films made. Really good projects were set aside or forgotten. Why?

Because this is a BUSINESS.

As filmmakers we like to think of it as an art form, but at the beginning and end of the day, it's a business. And we need investors to think we can turn a profit. Investors don't invest in films without it meeting specific criteria.

Most filmmakers focus on the artistry of making movies. They didn't get into filmmaking to think about money. 

They spend time on the script, the visual storytelling, the camera angles, the action sequences. They get excited about how it will make people feel.

They think if they make a good enough movie, it will stand out on it's own.

The plan?

Step 1 - Make Movie. Step 2 - Go to Sundance. Step 3 - $$$ and acclaim.

Making a great film and going to Sundance is NOT a great plan. Most films will never do that. But it's in almost EVERY single pitch deck I see.

Not that you shouldn't strive for that, but it's like winning the lottery. Do you really want to base your career on winning the film lottery?

So what IS a great plan? What do investors want to see?

Most filmmakers are CLUELESS about what to present

I had a friend from film school show me her pitch deck for a film and it was shockingly bad. Visually, it looked good, but it had absolutely no basis in reality. 

Listing box office stats is not a viable projection of success. In fact, it's so misleading its almost fraudulent. 

There was ZERO chance she would get funding from it despite the obvious time and effort she had put into it. 

It didn't matter if her script was the best script in the world. She had no idea how to present her film in a way that would entice investors. 

And yet she went to film school, like I did.

The thing is, she's not alone.

I see pitch decks all the time and they make the same mistakes over and over. 
Most filmmakers really have no idea what investors want and need to see. 

It's not their fault. Who teaches them the business of filmmaking? I spent an exorbitent amount of money on my top notch film school education and didn't learn it there. 

Most people only figure out that they're missing key information AFTER their first film fails to make money. 

That was me. And I've seen that exact pattern in almost all of the producers who now consult with me. 

Sometimes they come to me at the end of their film asking me to help. And many times, there's nothing I can do at that point. It's too late.

If you don’t get it right in Development, NOTHING you do in Production or Post Production will fix it.

No one wants to hear the phrase, "What are you working on next?" when you haven't even sold your current film. But it happens far too often. 


Because the film was not developed for success from a BUSINESS stand point.

Too many times I’ve seen filmmakers rush through or completely disregard the development process. 

They skim over the details, rushing to get into production, which admittedly is the fun part. 

But Development is more than just casting or location scouting so you can get the money to go into pre-production. 

It is the framework of your entire film. 

When you do Development right, you're strategically setting up your film for Distribution. 

Distribution is often the biggest mystery to filmmakers. They think Box Office or streaming, like Netflix or Amazon. There are far more opportunities out there.

Finding it requires planning & leg work but, independent films can make money if done the right way. That is determined in Development. 

That's why the Development phase is CRUCIAL. You can make or break your film in this phase. 

I had to learn this the hard way. Through trial and error. But I learned how to navigate the independent film world and now I get to share it with you. 

Learn exactly what you need to do in Development to set your film up for success from day one. 

Introducing my course:

This course outlines the EXACT FORMULA I use so you can successfully set YOUR film up for distribution by taking the RIGHT STEPS very early on in the process.

This is an intensive 4 week course available ON DEMAND, so you can do it on your schedule. 

You'll have access to the course forever.

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Get...

  • Your target audience from an Audience & Distributor perspective
  • Adapting your script for optimal exposure
  • Where to start exploring distribution opportunities
  • And more


Script, Target Audience, Distribution Ideas

Avoid mistakes by not rushing this phase.

We'll focus on:

Get this step down and you'll be in a solid position for everything that follows.


Casting, Assets, Scheduling, Resources

This week, we'll dive into key players that will uplevel your film.

We'll focus on:

  • Your Script Breakdown
  • Your Production Plan
  • Attaching valuable assets with an eye torward distribution
  • The infamous catch 22
  • Scheduling
  • How you can discover resources you didn't know you had that can save you money!


Legal, Budget, Distribution Plan

We'll get into the essential financial details you'll need to know.

We'll focus on:

  • All the Legal details you need to know
  • Your Finance Plan - budget, recoup, windfall
  • How to lay out a detailed Distribution Plan so you can wow investors with a clear plan of how you are going to get back their money

This will prove to your investors you're in it to win it.


Pitch Deck, Finding & Pitching Investors

The most crucial stage of Development. Here's where your hard work will pay off.

We'll focus on:

  • Compiling all the pieces of a killer pitch deck
  • Where to find investors & how to entice them to come on board
  • Pitching Investors

The strong plan you've built will open doors & close deals.


I'll give you documents from my private collection (sample budgets, top sheet, production budget, distribution resources & more) so you can move forward with confidence knowing you are gathering the right information. 

I'll also be giving you targeted worksheets to help you find your film's peak potential for distribution.


Build Connections, Share Insights & Get Direct Feedback

Networking is everything in this business & I'm all about helping you build yours. You never know where your next resource will come from.

You'll also get direct access to me through Facebook Live Q&As & via targeted posts designed to enhance the course.



Send me your pitch decks, your trailers, your key art, questions about your financing or distribution plan and I'll review them and give you constructive feedback. I'm here to support your process.

There is no time limit on this. This guidance could save you thousands of dollars in mistakes or missteps or could take your project from not getting financed to being sold around the world.

“Marc, This is incredible. Thank you so much. Just this email alone is worth more than the price of your class!“ - Tim, Director

I’m giving you all of my BEST STUFF and REAL WORLD EXAMPLES, so you can feel CONFIDENT that you’re setting your film up in the best possible way.

By the end of this course, you'll have ALL the information you need so you can pitch your film to investors and be ready to go into pre-production FULLY prepared.

Until now, I've only shared this information with clients I've consulted with. They pay me THOUSANDS of dollars for my expertise. 

I recognize that not everyone has a film funded or can afford to hire me as a producing consultant to get funded.  

That's why I decided to create this course. 

I wanted to make this information available to more people so filmmakers & aspiring filmmakers like you can get in the game too. 

This course could save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars or help you bring your film to life.

Right now, I’m offering it for only $749.

If you feel like this could be exactly what you need to set your film up for success, sign up now.

4 Intense Weeks - 10 Modules
Worksheets & Templates
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Direct Access to Me 
Ongoing Support & Guidance

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Obviously each film is different, and has its own unique needs.

We’ll cover exactly how to tailor the process to your film.

How to break it down so you don’t need to get overwhelmed by all the things you need to do.

I’m not promising financing, but -

If you follow the guidelines I give you, you will be in the BEST position possible to pitch potential investors to get financing.

Once you see the plan, you’ll be able to breathe a lot easier because you’ll know:

EXACTLY what you need to do to make a film that will sell and...

You'll feel CONFIDENT that you can actually accomplish what you’re pitching.

Based on the information you’ll receive, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Even if you have no knowledge of business, I’ve made this so SIMPLE that you can do this. This is the closest thing to "paint by numbers" that I can give you.

“I took a production workshop with Marc, and I swear it was the best workshop I have ever taken.  He’s so full of information and honesty.  This workshop is more specific in the direction of creating your own opportunities.” 

- Rosie, Actress


“Marc Clebanoff is the real deal. You want honest perspective on your project with someone who knows the ins and outs of the distribution labyrinth? He’s your one stop shop. No rainbows and unicorns, just a straight shot at what to expect.” 

- Fernando, Director of the NOVA Film Festival

“Marc, This is incredible. Thank you so much. Just this email alone is worth more than the price of your class!“ 

- Tim, Director

“If you are serious about getting your film made and released, Marc’s workshop is a must.” David, NYU 

“This workshop gave me an idea of how it all works, the MUST DO’s, and things to avoid. For a beginner who has yet to even make my first film, this information was invaluable. This gave me the confidence and mindset to make a film, and make it with minimal resources.” - Francesco, USC

“This workshop was great! All the real life costs and situations any producer needs to know.” - Claire, UCLA 

“Clebanoff draws from a wealth of real-world experience and gives you the information you wish you’d heard in film school.” - Harman, USC Graduate Film Program 

“Marc’s insights into the biz were worth more than my film school tuition.” - Adam, USC


Try the Course for an entire 60 days, 100% risk-free

I’m so sure that the knowledge I’m giving you will help you set your film up for distribution, that I’m giving you a money back guarantee. 

I can’t guarantee that your film will be a success. No one can. 

What I'm giving you is the exact information, I, and others I've helped, have used to build a strong foundation that has yielded successful distribution. 

But if I can't help you, I don't want your money. 

If the information I give you does not help you at all, if it doesn’t help you build a solid investor pitch, if it doesn’t help you find ways to prepare you for distribution at all - email me. Prove you did the work from the course, tell me why it didn’t help, and I’ll give you your money back. 

Go through the ENTIRE course. If you don't get any benefit, email me within the 60 days, show me your work & I'll give you a full refund. 

Anyone who has ever been involved in filmmaking, knows it takes longer than just 60 days to find financing & finish Development. You gotta be willing to put in the work and carve out your path to success and that takes time. 

But by the end of this course, you will ABSOLUTELY be able to create a solid pitch deck that will impress investors and set your film up for distribution. 

I want to help producers who want to be a success. Who want to have LONGEVITY in this business. 

If that’s you, then this course is definitely for you. 


Be one of the FEW who rise to the top.

Set yourself apart from all the other filmmakers and show investors that you know what you're doing. Then deliver. That will get you a career as a filmmaker. 

Sure you can wait for Hollywood to recognize your talent and bank roll your movie... And that might never happen. 

Haven't you waited long enough? 

Take your career into your own hands and make your own opportunities.

This goes for anyone who wants to be in filmmaking - producers, directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, etc. 

If you have a project that you have a passion for, make it yourself. These days, it's easier than its ever been. 

But make sure you know how to set your film up for success. 

Getting a first film financed is hard enough. Getting a second film financed after your first didn't do well is even more difficult.

You don’t need to be a domestic box office smash to be successful in this business. 

You need to be CLEVER and INFORMED in your planning and in your strategy & you can make a living as a producer and maybe even hit the big time.

It all comes down to how you set up your project.

Let's be honest... 

You could probably get most of this information by attending DOZENS of film festivals and film markets and picking the brains of the right people.

How long would it take to get all the information you need to know? And how much time and money would you have spent?

Likely several thousand dollars and probably several years.

And how would you know you learned everything you needed to know?

And how would you know the information was still accurate?

The business changes so quickly. What worked 5 years ago for an indie producer might not work now.

I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve learned first hand through trial and error. As a Sales Agent, I know exactly what it takes to get a film sold. 

Follow my guidance and you’ll be in the best possible position.

Not only will I be teaching you this valuable information it took me years to learn, I’ll be there to support you. I’ll be doing live Q&A sessions in the Facebook group.

I'll be available to review your pitch deck, your trailer, your key art, your plan of attack, etc. I'll be honest with you and tell it straight.

My goal is to help you be a better producer, a better filmmaker, and ultimately, I believe, more successful.

AND - I'll do a one-on-one consulting session with you. If you need it now, we can do it now. If you need it in 6 months when you're ready to start pitching, we'll do it then.

I won't leave you hanging. If you have questions, I'll give you answers. This progam is set up kind of like a mentorship. It's an incredible amount of support.

You’ll have access to me & all of my experience at the low cost of $749. 

FYI - That's less than the cost to attend just ONE prominent film festival.

Make the decision.

Don’t wait until you send out your finished film to start thinking about distribution. Get it set right at the beginning in development. 

If you'd like my learning and experise to guide you, join us.

4 Intense Weeks - 10 Modules
Worksheets & Templates
Private Facebook Group
Facebook Live Sessions

Direct Access to Me 
Ongoing Support & Guidance

Classes are available for instant download

Get Started now - Risk Free!

Save $109

Enrollment Open Until Mon, Dec 19th at Midnight Pacific

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