All the Documents You Need For Your Film to be Protected! 

Deal Memos, Agreements & More. Get the templates you'll need to make sure you're set up for a good Distribution deal.


Many filmmakers make a simple mistake in the Production phase that can end up costing them lucrative Distribution Deals...

They fail to get the right paperwork.

Imagine having finished Production with an incredible movie that you're very proud of...

To have a major distributor want to distribute your film for a substantial amount of money...

Only to have the deal fall through because you didn't have the proper paperwork.

As a Global Sales Agent, I've seen it happen.

Or it might not be quite that bad, but lacking proper paperwork could end up costing you thousands of dollars that you don't have in your budget...

Which could mean you don't have the funds to finish your film.

Any way you look at it, having proper paperwork is essential.

It's not exciting, but it's crucial to making sure your production is covered.

You, as the producer, are responsible for making sure you finish a quality film that has the best shot at a great distribution deal.

That's why I created this Indie Pro Package of Essential Documents.

Now you don't have to worry about trying to find the right documents and potentially end up missing a crucial one.

Make sure you have all the documents you'll need, vetted and compiled in an easy to use, customizable package, so you can focus on the film and getting the best possible Distribution deal.

What you’ll get:

  • This Essential Document Package includes 7 lawyer vetted templates with easily replaceable text prompts so you can enter the necessary information.
  • These templates are ones that I've used and perfected over the years including Deal Memos, Chain of Title, several other Agreements.
  • You'll get a detailed video walkthrough of how to customize these templates to your needs.
  • Plus I'm including a Master Call Sheet, Detailed Crew Breakdown and more to support you so you'll have everything you need for Production in one place.

All for just the price of $49.

Save yourself from wasting time on internet searches that could turn up documents that don't fully protect your film.

Get the templates I've used and perfected over the last 20 years.
All in one package, easy to customize, hassle-free.


  •  7 Essential Templates: Deal Memos, Agreements & More (value $99)
  •  Video Walkthrough of how you can customize your documents (value $30) 
  •  Master Call Sheet, Crew Breakdown & More (value $20) 

Today for just $49.