The Complete Indie Film Producer's System

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Develop the skills & habits to produce stragegically, finance confidently, and secure a good distribution deal.

A year-long real-time implementation & coaching program to give you the skills & tools you need to finally get your films financed & build a career as a working filmmaker.


Action-oriented, step-by-step trainings & resources you need to successfully & strategically take your film from concept to proftably getting it on screens.

Our signature curriculum is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about producing. You’ll never have to google “how to find investors” again.



You'll have access to me to get feedback on your pitch decks, your business plans, your key art and more to make sure no question goes unanswered and no step feels uncertain.

You'll also have access to LIVE weekly group calls to get real-time coaching, networking, accountability, and answers to your filmmaking questions.


A creative, pro-active community of filmmakers on the same journey as you. You’ll have an open forum to confidentially share your struggles, ask your questions, and most importantly, celebrate your wins.

You’ll have the opportunity to build relationships and share resources so you’ll never have to think you’re in this alone.


We're dedicated to presenting the action steps you need to take in order to move towards a career as a producer. But the reality is, the number one thing that determines your success in this program is YOU.

That’s why we focus on reframing your financial narrative, and helping you become the person you want to be in the world.

This detailed curriculum will teach you the proven formula to successful producing from a business perspective in 3 simple, actionable stages.

Stage 1: Develop & Finance Your Film Like A Pro

In this first stage, I’ll take you through everything you'll need to set your project up for success from Day One — even if you've never made a film before.


→  Set the foundation for a strategic way of developing your film to ensure that your film is a good investment. This is crucial to getting funding and opening the door to a great distribution deal. 

This is what most filmmakers are missing.

It'll completely transform how you view a script, how you create your pitch, and will give you confidence to find funding.

→ Get crystal clear on the business details of producing: including Legal, the best way to structure a Distribution Plan and more.

→ Learn how to find resources you've never recognized before and assets that you can leverage to make your film more appealing.

→ And get a proven film fund raising formula that will impress investors and help you secure the RIGHT kind of funding

This will allow you to approach investors with clarity & confidence, proving that you can be trusted to produce a quality film. 

By the time you’re finished with Phase 1, you will ABSOLUTELY be able to develop your film like a career producer, create a killer pitch deck, & have the CONFIDENCE to find, vet and close investors, so you can get your project greenlit in record time. 

Development Curriculum Details

You’ll get:

  • Scene Breakdown & Production Schedule Templates so you can start planning the details of your production.

  • Global Estimates Sample so you can start to see what numbers a film can do with global distribution. 

  • Investor Agreement Template so you can lock in an investor with a clear and profitable contract.

  • Distribution Plan Worksheet so you can build a solid distribution plan with specifically tailored to your film.

  • Our Proven Pitch Deck Template that has gotten 6 and 7 figure movies funded so you can confidently approach an investor with the information they need to make a decision.

And more!

Stage 2: Mastering the Business of Film Production

Now that you’ve done the foundational work in Development, getting to be on set is the part we live for!

But it doesn't mean you can relax. Production is like going into battle.

The only thing you can be assured of is that unforeseeable situations WILL come up. And you, as the producer, will have to handle them as gracefully as possible, hoping that the next one won’t ruin your film. 

And this means, making sure you have all your ducks in a row with casting and crew, paperwork, contingency plans and more. 

In this next stage, you’ll:

→ Get clear on all the business details you need to be focused on so you don't make a mistake or forget something that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars or the success of your film. 

→ Learn how to get ahead of potentially damaging situations and the best way to manage them while staying on track and on budget.  

→ Prepare for Distribution while you're on set so you don't miss anything you'll need later. (Saving yourself potentially thousands and setting the stage for a great Distribution deal) 

Once your new savings & budgeting systems are up and running, you’ll be able to make empowered decisions to spend your money more intentionally. 

Because on set is where the magic happens... but you can't always fix it in post. 

Especially the business and legal components.

By the time you’re done with this phase, you will ABSOLUTELY be able to CONFIDENTLY get through Production KNOWING that you are armed with the strategies to deal with whatever arises and set up for a great Distribution deal. 

Production Curriculum Details

You’ll get:

  • Technical Producing Best Practices Checklist so you can make sure you don't forget something you'll need later for Distribution. 

  • Wrap Out Checklist so you can make sure you've crossed your t's dotted your i's and have all the financials accounted for.

  • Paperwork Checklist to make sure your film is covered from every angle.

  • Call Sheet Master List to make it easy for you. You don't have to create it yourself. Use one that is vetted and ready to go! 

  • Crew Breakdown List so you don't have to wonder what crew members you'll need on production. You'll have a master list to select from.  

  • Essential Templates! I'm opening my vault of lawyer vetted templates so you'll get all the deal memos you need, as well as various agreements, chain of title and more.  

Stage 3: Getting & Keeping a Good Distribution Deal

You've made it to the home stretch. Don't ruin it now! You've invested blood, sweat, and years to get your film to this point and you need to follow through with the RIGHT strategy. This is the time to be diligent and avoid devastating mistakes that could leave your film with no deal or WORSE, a bad deal. 

In Stage 3, you’ll:

→  Create a clear & actionable Distribution Plan to maximize all the best options for YOUR film in the current market. Each film will have a different plan. 

(A solid plan is more than just going to a festival or getting a deal with Netflix.)

→ Learn how to negotiate a good Distribution Deal. 

Most filmmakers sign deals that will never get them a return. Learn how to negotiate a good deal with a Sales Agent & Distributor so your film can have the best shot of making money. 

→ Become a master at Contracts. Learn the BEST way to present your film that will save you money and get your film the best deal possible. This section is invaluable. 

By the time you're done here, you will ABSOLUTELY be able to submit your film for Distribution & KNOW that you have EVERYHING in place to successfully negotiate the right deal for your project.   

Then enjoy the rewards of your efforts on the big screen or smaller screens! (which actually generate more revenue in most cases)

And do it all again.

This is the most strategic path to becoming a working filmmaker and making content consistenly.

Distribution Curriculum Details

You’ll get:

  • Sales Agent Worksheet so you can start building a list of the best Sales Agents for your project. 

  • Distribution Deal Red Flags to get a clear idea of what to look out for and avoid.

  • Distribution Deliverable Checklist so you can make sure you've gathered all the items you'll need to successfully deliver your film.

  • Submission Letter Template so you canreach out to Sales Agents in the way they prefer and give yourself a leg up in the process.

  • Sample Distributor & Sales Representative Agreements so you can know what to look for in an agreement with a Distributor or Sales Agent so you don't get screwed out of your returns.

Your course was extremely helpful. Because of it, I got a good sales agent and we got a distribution deal on my documentary. It gets launched on multiple platforms this month.  

Andrew, Producer

"Marc’s courses provided me with an understanding of things I needed to focus on during the development stage. One is distribution. Distribution is so important! It is key! Originally, I was going to make my film gung ho without a distribution plan, but I’m so glad I didn’t.   I’ve learned that I would have failed in my first project and wasted a lot of money. From speaking with Marc, I’ve outlined 5 new films and am beginning the process correctly.   His course has led me down a totally different path than I was going, but in a good way."  


I was skeptical of taking this course, thinking it would be a bait and switch. This was absolutely NOT the case. Marc offers in depth, actionable info every filmmaker needs to make a film that makes money. I’m so glad I enrolled and look forward to learning from Marc for a long time 


"Absolutely worth the price of admission.  The development advice was a huge shift in thinking. I was already writing with a Producers mindset but this has taken things to a whole different level.  My producing partner and I are working on our next project with your guidelines as signposts along the way.  You’ve provided a superb roadmap to follow and knowing I can reach out for informed advice when needed makes it even more enjoyable. Thanks again for being there. " 

Greg, Producer

Here's what some of our participants have to say...


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Let's talk about your investment...in YOU


Even with a comprehensive curriculum & plenty of support, we know that additional solutions can make the process that much easier. 

From the moment you log into The Complete Indie Film Producer System, you’ll be greeted with filmmakers just like you.

In our secure & confidential forums you’ll have the opportunity to ask a coach your questions, network with other students in the program, and just share your journey through the program.

With this amazing engaged group of filmmakers on their journey to building a successul career and making content consistently, you’ll never feel like you’re in this alone again!

Private Students-Only Community

Finding Investors in tough, but closing Investors is even tougher. Making your film an investable business is the key to closing funds for your next film

Pitching to Investors

If you've heard that reverse engineering is the way to make a successful film these days but you're not sure how to do it, this is for you.

This is the smart way to produce a film.

Get a quick breakdown into the actions you'll take to reverse-engineer your budget by collaborating with distribution professionals, to make the project as risk-averse as possible. 

Reverse Engineering Strategy

Making sure your budget is viable is essential to making your film investable. If you want a million bucks, make sure your budget is validated by real distribution numbers.

Many times a budget is inflated because it's not done in a calculated way for indie projects. 

Learn the budgeting basics so you don't have to rely on other sources to tell you what your budget should be and discover how to find ways to save money and still deliver a quality film. 

Budgeting 101

Quality Control is an obstacle for even seasoned Producers. 

Get insight into how to get through this process as gracefully as possible and make sure you're not cutting corners in post to assure that your project is deliverable in the end. 

QC 101

You must be a networking machine to raise funds.  You need to go into every situation with the mindset of meeting Investors and capitalize on the "Network Effect" to broaden your orbit of potential investors. 

In this interview, I'll explore the current networking hustle and what smart filmmakers are doing to build as big a network as possible to further their filmmaking endeavors.

How to Hustle: Networking

So we’re throwing these BONUSES into your vault so you can start tackling the challenges standing in your way of becoming a successful producer!


The Complete Indie Producer's System is a comprehensive program for filmmmakers who are committed to learning how to successfully produce content with an eye towards Distribution. 

I’m so sure that the knowledge I’m giving you will help you set your film up for distribution, that I’m giving you a money back guarantee. 

I can’t guarantee that your film will be a success. No one can. 

What I'm giving you is the exact information, I, and others I've helped, have used to build a strong foundation that has yielded successful distribution. 

But if I can't help you, I don't want your money. 

If the information I give you does not help you at all, if it doesn’t help you build a solid investor pitch, if it doesn’t help you find ways to prepare you for distribution at all - email me. Prove you did the work from the program, tell me why it didn’t help, and I’ll give you your money back.

If you don't get any benefit, email me within the 60 days, show me your work & I'll give you a full refund.

Anyone who has ever been involved in filmmaking, knows it takes longer than just 60 days to find financing & finish Development, let alone go through production or get a Distribution deal. You gotta be willing to put in the work and carve out your path to success and that takes time.

But by the end of this progam, you will ABSOLUTELY be able to create a solid pitch deck that will impress investors, skillfully navigate all on set pitfalls, and successfully negotiate a good Distribution deal.

I want to help producers who want to be a success. Who want to have LONGEVITY in this business.

If that’s you, then this program is definitely for you.  


Thanks to you I have all my ducks in a row. Meeting investors, Moving forward.

Fia, Producer/Director

Thank You! Just this email alone is worth more than the price of your class. 

Tim, Director

This was definitely a mind changer for me. 

Zoe, Director

Marc’s insights into the biz were worth more than my film school tuition.

Adam, USC Grad

The course has already saved from a couple complications I might have gotten in. 

Sarah, Actor/Producer

I took your course and I'm really glad I did. I wish I'd heard it 5 years ago.  

Travis, Director

 If you are serious about getting your film made and released, this is a must. 

David, Director

This was great! All the real life costs and situations any producer needs to know. 

Claire, Producer

What I have learned from you is priceless and extremely informative.

Benjamin, CEO Film Institute

You can be one of the success stories...


Marc Clebanoff

Producer, Director, Writer, Global Sales Agent

As a young filmmaker, I saw early on how impossible it was to get a studio film made, even with connections & a track record. I decided to take matters into my own hands and produce my own films... But I saw that not a lot of money was coming back to me or my investors. 

So I became a global sales agent and learned EXACTLY what it takes to make a film that will sell. 

That strategy is what I teach inside The Complete Indie Producer's System. I went from being an aspiring filmmaker with a day job to being a career producer who is making consistent money from my indie films... and you can too.

My goal is to help filmmakers learn the key to a successful career as a producer. To walk the middle road between what you WANT to do and what you HAVE to do, so you can finally make movies that sell. 

Meet the Founders

Dani Estrada

Writer, Strategy & Marketing Expert, and Mindset coach

It’s my mission to help filmmakers get their content out into the world! 

As a person who attended film school and has worked extensively in front of and behind the camera - in development, in production, in post, and in a top talent agency - I've seen the dedication & creativity it takes to get a film from idea to the screen. 

I've seen many filmmakers with great potential flounder without a solid foundation of consistency and the right mindset to weather the long stretches of disappointments & overcome limiting beliefs. 

My goal is to help filmmakers stay creative, committed and on track on their path to success.


Drop-Down Menus

1. I feel like producing a profitable film, especially getting funding is going to be…difficult. Can I really do it?2. Is this program ONLY for Feature Films?3. I’m a beginner / I don’t have an idea yet. Is the program too advanced for me?4. Do I really need to do this for the whole year?5. How long do I have access to this program?6. I want to invest in my filmmaking career, but can’t I get this information at film festivals or in books?7. What if I can't afford The Complete Indie Film Producer’s System?8. Can you remind me what I get inside of The Complete Indie Film Producer’s System?

We know investing in a program to learn the Ins & Outs of Indie Filmmaking is a big decision. So we’ve made a quick list to help you decide if this is your year to learn how to set up your film for success from Day One.

Still on the Fence?

If you read any one of the following and think “Yes! This is ME,” 

then The Complete Indie Producer's System is perfect for you: 

You’ve never made your own film, but you’re ready to do it now.

If you’ve been watching on the sidelines and you've decided now is your year to make it happen, this program will help you with clear steps on how to go through each stage of the filmmaking process and get feedback along the way so you're not doing it alone and you'll have the best shot at success.

You made a short or a feature in the past but it didn't make its money back.

This is all too common in the indie film world. Learning how to structure your project with an eye towards Distribution will give it the best shot at success. When you produce your project from this strategy, instead of gambling with your concept, you'll know exactly what to expect and be able to adapt your next project for the best possible results. 

You’re tired of letting a lack of funding stop you from making your film.

If you haven't been able to get funding through your past efforts, this program will completely change the way you package and present your projects.  You’ll get clear on what exactly to include, what not to include, exactly how to present it, and what to say to investors that will give you the best shot at getting the RIGHT type of funding for your project.

You’re tired of waiting for a studio to greenlight your film

Waiting for the studio system could  keep you waiting forever. If you’re a filmmaker who wants full control over your projects, I’ll teach you how to develop and finance your film with an eye towards distribution so you can avoid pitfalls and deliver a quality film.

You’re ready to learn the business side of filmmaking

Too many filmmakers identify solely as a “creative producer” and just want to find someone else to handle the business. The business IS what a producer does. It doesn’t mean you can’t also be creative, but it means you ultimately have more control over your projects because you’ll learn how to find the middle ground between what you WANT to do and what you HAVE to do in order to be successful. Career producers are experts on the business. 

You want to learn how to make filmmaking into a career.

A lot of filmmakers approach filmmaking like it’s a hobby and they just want to hit it big. The Complete Indie Film Producer System is designed to teach you how to approach each project with an eye towards successful Distribution which is what builds a career and, in the long run, ensures that you pay the bills. It doesn’t focus on making blockbuster films. If your film is a big hit, great! But you’re not planning for it. This will keep you grounded in reality so you can work consistently and ultimately build a career


Investing in this program would be an extreme financial burden for you and your family. 

If investing in The Million Dollar Year feels like something that would add significant stress and uncertainty to your financial life and prevent you from providing for your family, then we suggest putting a plan in place to save up for the course investment over time. We do NOT want this program to take precedence over your wellbeing or the wellbeing of your loved ones. 

You’re looking for a program that is ONLY about money mindset. 

While we do LOTS of mindset work around money in The Million Dollar Year, this program is action-based. We give you all the steps you need to build the knowledge and practices that will change your financial future forever—but it takes a unique combination of mindset AND practical action to make it happen.

You’re looking for a program that is ONLY action-based. 

The Million Dollar Year is designed to get you to take action and see tangible results, but it is also designed to help you dig deep and uncover your subconscious associations with money so you can heal your money mindset and change the way you think about your finances. Mindset work is crucial to making big, long-lasting changes. 

You want a get-rich-quick scheme. 

This program is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. If anything, it’s a get-rich-slow plan that teaches you the habits and practices required to be able to invest money and let it grow passively over time. These are skills that you can use to save money, pay off debt, and build wealth gradually. So while we will help you reduce your expenses and negotiate a raise, if you’re after a big overnight windfall, this program may not be for you.   

This program might NOT be for you if….



Be one of the FEW who rise to the top 

Set yourself apart from all the other filmmakers and show investors that you know what you're doing. Then deliver. That will get you a career as a filmmaker. 

You don’t need to be a domestic box office smash to be successful in this business. 

You need to be clever and informed in your strategy & you can make a living as a producer and maybe even hit the big time. 

Take your career into your own hands and make your own opportunities.

This goes for anyone who wants to be in filmmaking - producers, directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, etc. 

Be a savvy producer and present your film in the BEST WAY possible so you can KEEP making films. 

It all comes down to how you set up your project.

You could waste years and thousands of dollars trying to figure this all out on your own and end up spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

There are a lot of people out there with a lot of opinions who will tell you what you should be doing… and then you discover that they don’t really have a lot of experience.

And there are a lot of people out there with experience who don’t understand the indie film market as it is right now. You need a guide from someone who is an expert on the path that you’re walking.

I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve learned first hand through trial and error. 

I know EXACTLY what it takes to get a film sold in the indie market today. 

Follow my guidance and you’ll be in the best possible position possible. 

Not only will I be teaching you this valuable information it took me years to learn, I’ll be there to support you. I’ll be answering your questions in the group calls and in the Facebook group. 

I'll be available to review your pitch deck, your trailer, your key art, your Distribution Plan, contracts etc. I'll be honest with you and tell it straight. 

My goal is to help you be a better producer, a better filmmaker, and ultimately more successful. 

This program is set up kind of like a year long mentorship. It's an incredible amount of support. You'll have a leg up on the competition. 

You’ll have access to me & ALL of my experience at just $499 per month. 

Make this the year where you take the right action steps to finally get your film made.


Here's what your investment looks like:


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"The course gave me a completely different perspective and very important information of the film world. I think your course is worth a lot more than what you charge." 

Vince, Director

I just got my first investor! They were really impressed with my pitch and my pitch deck! I used your template and made it my own and it was very helpful! Thank you for always being there with advice and support and encouragement.

Alison, Producer/Director

“This gave me an idea of how it all works, the MUST DO’s, and things to avoid. For a beginner who has yet to even make my first film, this information was invaluable. This gave me the confidence and mindset to make a film, and make it with minimal resources.” 

Francesco, Director

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The Key to Being a Working Filmmaker & Making Content Consistently

Go From An Aspiring Filmmaker With a Day Job to a Full Time Filmmaker.

“Marc Clebanoff is the real deal. You want honest perspective on your project with someone who knows the ins and outs of the distribution labyrinth? He’s your one stop shop. No rainbows and unicorns, just a straight shot at what to expect.” 

Fernando, Director of the NOVA Film Festival 

Most films are not successful. Learn the system that'll give yours the best shot at being profitable.


The Key to Being a Working Filmmaker & Making Content Consistently

Go From An Aspiring Filmmaker With a Day Job to a Full Time Filmmaker.

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"The information in the program is presented in a SUPER practical way...Marc makes the hard and tedious stuff sound easy and doable! For example I was able to break down my own script and create my own schedule which saved me THOUSANDS of dollars....

I love the weekly mindset sessions that are getting me out of my comfort zone and I love knowing that I am learning from an experienced film producer and sales agent who understands this process from A to Z. I FEEL CONFIDENT I WILL NOT MISS ANYTHING...thank you for making my dream feel more tangible with every lesson! " 

Ania, Producer


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