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The Ultimate Film Financing Plan

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✔ The 9 Key Steps to creating a Killer Pitch Deck that will impress investors & entice them to finance your film.  

✔ How you can avoid the filmmaker's most common mistakes and the strategy you can use instead.  

✔ Why Development is so important in the financing process and how you can also use it to maximize your film's potential success.  

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Marc Clebanoff Producer / Global Sales Agent

Over the course of producing several films and negotiating hundreds of finance and distribution deals...  

I've learned that many filmmakers have little to no idea how the business side of filmmaking actually works.  

My goal is to help you avoid common pitfalls & mistakes, give you the details you need to know so you can successfully get your film funded, and put you in a solid position for a Distribution deal from Day 1.

If you're a producer, writer, director, actor or other creative wanting to uplevel your game or finally get YOUR film made... Or if you're an aspiring filmmaker wanting to get into filmmaking... 

Stop waiting for someone else to give you your shot.  

Learn how you can use these tools to get your film funded.