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Indie Production Essentials Playbook



It doesn’t matter whether it’s a short, a feature, or a proof of concept for a bigger film, we’re all faced with the same challenge - Namely, budget.

Having a strategic plan of attack from a business perspective is key to finishing and delivering a quality film on budget.

NOTE: I am not here to tell you how to creatively shoot your film.

This training is specifically about the business side of producing and avoiding key mistakes that can hurt your film's chances at success.

In this Training, I'll show you...

5 common mistakes that can ruin your chances at completing a quality micro budget film and what to do instead.

✔ Why it's in your best interest (or not) to make a micro budget film at this time.

✔ Why Development is key for micro budget films and how you can also use it to maximize your film's potential success.

✔ How to execute your micro budget film from a business perspective so you can keep making films.

✔ and more...


Marc Clebanoff
Indie Producer & Global Sales Agent

Over the course of producing several films and negotiating hundreds of finance and distribution deals...

I've learned that many filmmakers have little to no idea how the business side of filmmaking actually works.  

My goal is to help you avoid common pitfalls & mistakes, give you the details you need to know so you can have longevity in the business and successfully build a career as a filmmaker... knowing how to produce from a business perspective.

If you're a producer, writer, director, actor or other creative wanting to uplevel your game or finally get YOUR film made...  

Or if you're an aspiring filmmaker wanting to get into filmmaking...  

Stop waiting for someone else to give you your shot.  

Learn how to execute your micro budget film from a business perspective so you can build your career as a filmmaker and keep making films!