Master the Business Side of Producing So You Can Execute a Quality Film & Give It the Best Shot at Success

It's the dream. It's what we spend months, or more likely, years prepping for.

We’ve spent so much time thinking about our creative vision. Camera angles, lenses, actors, editing.

We want to make something that is going to rock the industry and launch our careers.

Much of that is dependent on what happens in Production.

Each phase has it's own needs, but at the end of the day, if you don't shoot the film properly and gather all the things you need for Distribution while in Production, you could end up with an undistributable film.

If you’re like many filmmakers I’ve encountered, you’ve got the creative down.

But most filmmakers are lacking knowledge about producing from a business perspective…
which is essential for your film’s chance at success.

Introducing my course:

This course outlines all the details I’ve learned so you can give YOUR film the best shot at success by making sure you know the COMMON PITFALLS to look out for in Production and HOW to handle them so you can finish your film with it set up for Distribution.

This is a very targeted 4 Module course available ON DEMAND so you can do it when your schedule allows  

You'll have access to the course forever.  

Anytime I do any updates to the course, you'll get all the new information right in your membership site.

AND I'll be available to you weekly, LIVE in our Facebook group, to answer questions and give updates on the current market.

  • Banking - Making mistakes here can stop production dead.  
  • Keep your Crew happy - We'll explore specific ways to support them so they want to bend over backwards for you.
  • Crew Problems - What can happen and how to handle it in the best way possible. 
  • Technical Producing and Wrap Out - Make sure you have everything you need to set yourself up for Distribution before you leave the set.

On set. Time to shoot... and Troubleshoot.

We'll focus on:


Get paperwork on EVERYTHING!

This module consists of: 

  • Vetted Deal Memos for everything you'll need.
  • Crew lists 
  • Call sheets
  • Insurance Resource


You have your Greenlight. Time to get started.

We'll focus on:

  • Legal Prep - Getting your ducks in a row.
  • Tax incentives - Make sure you are set up to be eligible.
  • The Catch 22 of Casting and how to get around it.
  • Crewing Up - Common pitfalls to look out for when selecting your crew.
  • How to set yourself up for success when dealing with Vendors  
  • New regulations to prep for in a post COVID-19 world


I'll give you documents from my private collection (sample budgets, top sheet, production budget, distribution resources & more) so you can move forward with confidence knowing you are gathering the right information. 

I'll also be giving you targeted worksheets to help you find your film's peak potential for distribution.


Build Connections, Share Insights & Get Direct Feedback

Networking is everything in this business & I'm all about helping you build yours. You never know where your next resource will come from. 

You'll also get direct access to me through Facebook Live Q&As & via targeted posts designed to enhance the course.



Send me your pitch decks, your trailers, your key art, questions about your financing or distribution plan and I'll review them and give you constructive feedback. I'm here to support your process. 

There is no time limit on this. This guidance could save you thousands of dollars in mistakes or missteps or could take your project from not getting financed to being sold around the world. 

“Marc, This is incredible. Thank you so much. Just this email alone is worth more than the price of your class!“ - Tim, Director

I’m giving you all of my BEST STUFF and REAL WORLD EXAMPLES, so you can feel CONFIDENT that you’re setting your film up in the best possible way.

By the end of this course, you'll have ALL the information you need so you can CONFIDENTLY submit your materials to Sales Agents & Distributors to get the BEST DISTRIBUTION DEAL possible.

Until now, I've only shared this information with clients I've consulted with. They pay me THOUSANDS of dollars for my expertise. 

I recognize that not everyone can afford to hire me as a producing consultant to get funded. 

That's why I decided to create this course. 

I wanted to make this information available to more people so filmmakers & aspiring filmmakers like you can get in the game too. 

This course could save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars or help you get your film onto screens around the world.

Right now, I’m offering it for only $299.

If you feel like this could be exactly what you need to set your film up for successful Distribution, sign up now.

4 Targeted Modules,  Worksheets & Templates & Access to Me in Our Private Facebook Group  

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Based on the information you’ll receive, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Many filmmakers won’t have this information. They may not even care to know it. They may think their creativity will be enough, but you’ll know better.

You’ll be part of a small group of filmmakers who are bridging the gap between the creative and business.

Even if you have no knowledge of business, I’ve made this so SIMPLE that you can do this.

Based on the information you’ll receive, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Many filmmakers won’t have this information. They may not even care to know it. They may think their creativity will be enough, but you’ll know better.

"Marc’s courses provided me with an understanding of things I needed to focus on during the development stage. One is distribution. Distribution is so important! It is key! Originally, I was going to make my film gung ho without a distribution plan, but I’m so glad I didn’t. 

I’ve learned that I would have failed in my first project and wasted a lot of money. From speaking with Marc, I’ve outlined 5 new films and am beginning the process correctly. 

His course has led me down a totally different path than I was going, but in a good way." -Tracy, Producer


“I had no idea about the distribution process before I took your course. The course gave me a completely different perspective and very important information of the film world. I think your course is worth a lot more than what you charge." -Vince, Producer

“If you are serious about getting your film made and released, Marc’s workshop is a must.” David, NYU 

“This workshop gave me an idea of how it all works, the MUST DO’s, and things to avoid. For a beginner who has yet to even make my first film, this information was invaluable. This gave me the confidence and mindset to make a film, and make it with minimal resources.” - Francesco, USC

“This workshop was great! All the real life costs and situations any producer needs to know.” - Claire, UCLA 

“Clebanoff draws from a wealth of real-world experience and gives you the information you wish you’d heard in film school.” - Harman, USC Graduate Film Program

“Marc’s insights into the biz were worth more than my film school tuition.” - Adam, USC


Try my Ins & Outs of Indie Film Production Course for an entire 60 days, 100% risk-free

Today’s market is volatile. Think of it like the Wild West.

Back in the days of Blockbuster Video, there was a very clear path. 

These days it’s about making your film stand out.

A producer had to make a quality film with commercial appeal and the cream would rise to the top. The cream had to rise to the top because there simply wasn’t room on the shelf for the nonsense. 

Today there is no restricted amount of shelf space because it’s all in the cloud. 

That means there is room for everything – the good, the bad and anything in between. Some might argue that’s great but it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

Learn exactly what type of Distribution is right for your film and EXACTLY how to go about getting it. 

You could waste years trying to figure it out on your own and end up losing your window of opportunity for a good Distribution deal. (Yes, there is only a short window.) 

Or you could end up signing a bad deal simply because you didn’t know what a good deal is. 

Do you really want to risk your movie’s chance at success because you didn’t learn everything you need to know? 

I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve learned first hand through trial and error. I know EXACTLY what it takes to get a film sold. 

Follow my guidance and you’ll be in the best possible position possible. 

Not only will I be teaching you this valuable information it took me years to learn, I’ll be there to support you. I’ll be taking questions in the classes and in the Facebook group. 

You’ll have access to me & ALL of my experience at the low cost of $399. 

FYI - That's the cost of flying to a prominent Film Festival, let alone the cost of attending. 

Plus, the insight I'll give you, will likely SAVE you thousands of dollars by avoiding costly mistakes filmmakers make in the Distribution process. 

By joining me in The Ins & Outs of Indie Film Distribution, you'll get access to me and my expertise. You'll be able to ask me questions & get my feedback about your process, like a mentorship. 

Make the decision.

Are you going to join our Indie Film Lounge of filmmakers who bridge the creative & the business? Or are you going to do it your way? 

Don’t screw up your Distribution deal because you didn’t know what you needed to know. Get all the details so you can CONFIDENTLY present your materials and give yourself the best shot at a lucrative deal. 

If you’re one of us, make the commitment & join us. 

4 Targeted Modules,  Worksheets & Templates & Access to Me in Our Private Facebook Group  

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As Filmmakers, we live to be on set.

Production is like going into battle.

The only thing you can be assured of is that unforeseeable situations WILL come up. And you, as the producer, will have to handle them as gracefully as possible, hoping that the next one won’t ruin your film.

The best you can do is prepare for all the things you CAN know about. And there are many pitfalls that you can become aware of and plan contingencies for ahead of time.

Forewarned is forearmed.

The filmmaker with an eye toward longevity in the business wants all the tools in their toolbelt to set them up for success.

I say, run your movie like a business rather than a passion project. The business will support your passion.

A film that’s not technically sound or finished will not get you the recognition you deserve.

Set your film up to have the best shot possible. 

Learning how to Produce from a Business perspective isn’t sexy... it's ESSENTIAL.

No one really wants to think about business when they're finally on set. The creative part is more fun.But the smart filmmaker knows it’s crucial to being able to deliver a quality film on time, and on budget, repeatedly. That’s what builds a career as a filmmaker.

You can fly by the seat of your pants and hope that it will all work out…

But If you’re like me, you’ve invested so much blood, sweat, and potentially years of your life making your film and you want it to be seen by as many people as possible. Not to mention, you want it to make money so you can make more films.  

Do you really want to risk all of that on chance?



Preparing for Distribution

We'll focus on:

  • All the technical things you need to prep for delivery. 
  • Picture Edit 
  • Sound Edit & Mix
  • Test Screenings
  • Mastery & Delivery

 You'll get lists and tips on how to collect all the things you need to submit for Distribution so you aren't surprised later.  

You don't have to search for the things you'll need. I'll give you documents and resources from my personal vault to support your Production.

The Total value of this course is over $500.

You’ll be part of a small group of filmmakers who are bridging the gap between the creative and business.

Even if you have no knowledge of business, I’ve made this so SIMPLE that you can do this.

“Marc Clebanoff is the real deal. You want honest perspective on your project with someone who knows the ins and outs of the distribution labyrinth? He’s your one stop shop. No rainbows and unicorns, just a straight shot at what to expect.” -Fernando, Director of the NOVA Film Festival

 "I took your Distribution class and it was very helpful and easy to get good info from. You seem like a super cool guy who really is trying to help people out. That is huge, and not the easiest thing to find these days, especially in this industry. Great stuff in your class!" -Joel, Writer/Producer

Be one of the FEW who rise to the top.

No one wants to make a movie that doesn't get finished...

Or one that is finished but you had to cut so many corners, it doesn't resemble anything that reflects your true talent...

But it happens far too often.  

You don’t need to be a domestic box office smash to be successful in this business. You need to be clever and informed in your strategy & you can make a living as a producer and maybe even hit the big time.  

There are numerous situtations that WILL arise in Production that can derail your film. And specific things you need to do to make your film eligible for distribution.  

Don’t you want to know what they are?  

Don’t be that producer who thinks their creative talent will be so outstanding that nothing else matters. That producer could get lucky, but a steady career is not built on luck. The producers who keep making films, year after year, rely on strategy and skill.    

Be a savvy producer and finish your film in the BEST WAY possible so you can KEEP making films.

I’m so sure that the knowledge I’m giving you will give your film a leg up on being completed and prepped for Distribution, that I’m giving you a money back guarantee.  

I can’t guarantee that your film will be a success. No one can.

What I'm giving you is the exact information, I, and others I've helped, have used to navigate Production and set their films up for getting worldwide Distribution.

But if I can't help you, I don't want your money.  

If the information I give you does not help you at all, if it doesn’t help you prepare for on set pitfalls, if it doesn't help you gather materials for delivery or give you a leg up on getting proper paperwork - email me. Prove you did the work from the course, tell me why it didn’t help, and I’ll give you your money back.  

This guarantee lasts 60 days. That's longer than the course and will give you more than enough time to put the information into practice. Go through the ENTIRE course. If you're not getting any benefit, email me within the 60 days, show me your work & I'll give you a full refund.

Anyone who has ever been involved in filmmaking, knows it often takes longer than just 60 days to get through pre production to post production. You gotta be willing to put in the work and carve out your path to success and that takes time.

But by the end of this course, you will ABSOLUTELY be able to CONFIDENTLY get through Production KNOWING that you are armed with the strategies to deal with whatever arises.

I want to help producers who want to be a success. Who want to have LONGEVITY in this business.

If that’s you, then this course is definitely for you.  

Sure, you could self-distribute and probably get your film on Amazon. But does that mean anyone will actually see your film? Does that mean you’ll make any money? 

And what money will you be leaving on the table because you didn’t seek other Distribution opportunities?

We take Bitcoin & Ethereum!  

We take Bitcoin & Ethereum!  

Registration Expires in:

Registration Expires in:

Filmmakers think, as long as the film looks good, it will get theatrical distribution and sell.

As a Global Sales Agent, I know for a fact that that is not true.

There are so many more factors that go into a film getting Distribution.

It’s a complex puzzle and so much of it rides on what happens on set. Creatively AND from a Business sense.

When a Producer is shooting a film without thinking toward Distribution, they’re often missing key components.

In addition, some snap descisions made on set are so harmful, it can prevent the film from being finished.

That can be a career ender. No one wants that.

And I'm not talking about creative mistakes. I'm talking about the little (or big) problems that come up that you, as a producer, have to troubleshoot. chance at success.

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Get...


If you have any questions, email us at or book a free call with a team member by clicking HERE.

We take Bitcoin & Ethereum!  

Registration Expires in:

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