Anatomy of an Action Film

If you’ve been kicking around the independent film market much, you probably hear a lot of the same themes again and again from sales agents and distributors about the types of genre films that are high in demand and routinely do solid business. [...]

The Reality of Film Piracy

In the age of the internet, rampant piracy of content is simply unavoidable. The question isn’t WHETHER your film or content will be pirated, it’s more a matter of WHEN and TO WHAT EXTENT. Distributors will tell you that piracy isn’t a big [...]

Netflix is Leaving a Hole

Not more than five short years ago, Netflix was an obvious outlet for an even decently produced independent film. Just about every independent film that was acquired by a legitimate distributor ended up on the streaming service. It wasn’t even a question of whether [...]

The Truth About Name Values

Attaching talent to your film is always one of the biggest development obstacles. In the age of viral distribution, where just making a good film is not enough, attaching talent is of the utmost importance. But how can you as a producer decipher the [...]