Netflix is Leaving a Hole

Not more than five short years ago, Netflix was an obvious outlet for an even decently produced independent film. Just about every independent film that was acquired by a legitimate distributor ended up on the streaming service. It wasn’t even a question of whether [...]

The Truth About Name Values

Attaching talent to your film is always one of the biggest development obstacles. In the age of viral distribution, where just making a good film is not enough, attaching talent is of the utmost importance. But how can you as a producer decipher the [...]

Is Content Still King?

We are all familiar with the old saying “Content is King.” Well, although it’s technically still true, it’s taken on a different meaning in recent years. Two things happened simultaneously that brought about a massive and insanely rapid evolution to filmmaking. The first major [...]

Sizing Up Your Investors

If you’re a filmmaker like me then a lot of your time and effort goes into the hunt for funding. For me it completely consumes me. I literally am incapable of attending any event or meeting new people without sizing everyone up to see [...]